This Ridiculous Instagram Account Is Enough To Drive Londoners Mad

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

This Ridiculous Instagram Account Is Enough To Drive Londoners Mad

The ‘Rich Kids of London’ (@richkidslondon) certainly know how to get the rest of the population grinding their teeth. Claiming to live ‘untouchable’ lifestyles, these young adults flaunt their millions on social media and caption images with openly derogatory statements. They pose for pictures with 50 pound notes, cruise London in a fleet of garish Lamborghinis and sneer at the ‘peasants lining up to go to Primark’.


Regent’s Uni @hamzaayazsheikh #rkoi

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This Instagram account, which collects and posts pictures sent in by various ‘rich kids’ in the city, went live only 2 weeks ago and has already caused a stir (and has gathered a following of nearly 80,000 people).  



Apparently, the man behind the site, who wishes to go unnamed, does not post pictures of his own lifestyle. Instead, he uses it as a platform for others to show-off. In an interview with Business Insider, the 21-year-old claimed that he “always loved seeing rich kids’ lifestyles and I wanted to show them to motivate everyone to do well in their life”. 



When looking at the posts, such as the one below, we’d like to think the account is a wildly exaggerated and ridiculous joke (albeit an un-funny one). But, alas, we don’t think it is. 



Featured image credit: Instagram @richkidslondon

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