Ride A Horse Drawn Carriage Through Richmond Park Like A Fancy Pants

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Ride A Horse Drawn Carriage Through Richmond Park Like A Fancy Pants

Make like you’re something out of The Crown – you can now take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Richmond Park.

There are many reasons why you should visit the largest, wildest park in London’s spiffingest suburb…

It’s famous for its deer.

Richmond Park deer
Photo: Andrea Heribanova

The beautiful hidden garden at the park’s center.

Isabella Plantation, London (Photo: Jim Linwood)

These magical gates.

The Way Gates Richmond Park
Photo: @taibsea

And of course, this little café right out of the Hobbit.

Hollyhock Café Richmond

But this Christmas season, there’s yet another reason to visit, as the Royal Parks have sorted out some horses, got some carriages and made the magic happen.

Richmond Park Horse and Carriage Ride

You’ll be transported on a full hour-long journey through the park itself, and the experience is supplemented with a thirty-minute behind-the-scenes visit at the stables, where I’d hope you’ll be able to express your appreciation to Clover with a carrot or a sugarlump.

Richmond Park Horse Riding

The shire horses – the last working herd in London – live in Richmond Park year round, and spend their time helping out with odd jobs in the park. They’re looked after by Operation Centaur, who might sound like they’re a shadowy organisation dedicated to taking over the world, but in fact prefer to promote happy human-horse co-operation and do charity work, like giving local kids some equine experience. Which is nice!

So how much is it to roll through Richmond like the princess you are? You’ll have to part with a few crown jewels, as a ride is £125 for two – and that’s if you’re sharing the carriage with others. If you want the whole thing to yourself you’ll need to buy six spaces for a total of £375…. although I bet that would be the kind of fancy day out your nan would LOVE.

There are just a couple of rides available each day, running on selected dates between November 25 and December 30.

You can book your ride on the Royal Parks website.

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