Restaurant Envy! 12 Dishes We Really Wish Were In London (And Our Bellies)

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack

Restaurant Envy! 12 Dishes We Really Wish Were In London (And Our Bellies)

London’s restaurant and street food scene is booming, now more than ever. Buuuuut that doesn’t stop us from having some mild food envy when it comes to restaurants around the globe, here’s a few that may have caught our hungry eye.

1. Giant Squid

This fast food restaurant in Thailand serves up some pretty giant deep fried squid with things like salted egg sauce and oozy mozzarella. It looks crazy but very delicious, so London, can you please bring this craze over here?


2. Square Bar Cafe

Square Bar Cafe serves up some of the yummiest looking drinks… I mean, who knew tea and coffee could look so pretty? The USP of this place? Drinks are served in lightbulbs! Super quirky and they even put various different cakes on top of their brightly coloured boba teas.


3. Broaster Chicken

This restaurant in Mumbai, India serves up some pretty sinful looking treats, but it’s their Chocolate Brick Shake that has us developing multiple sweet teeth. This chocolate shake is served in a chocolate mug and we are seriously considering booking a flight…


4. Eggslut

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Okay, we know what you’re thinking and yes, we can quickly knock up an egg and cheese sandwich at home (or get them from a very well known fast food chain before 10:30am), but Eggslut looks like all our cheese and egg dreams and more. 


5. Uncle Rikuro’s Cheesecakes

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FYI, these aren’t clouds, they’re cheesecakes. This Japanese staple is a hit amongst locals and tourists for its super jiggly appearance. Supposedly fluffy when it’s warm and chewy when it’s cold, we could happily eat these at any time of the day.


6. Project Poke

Sushi lovers, this one’s for you! Project Poke in Orange County, California takes sushi to the next level. They’ve only gone and made a sushi doughnut, complete with all the usual accompaniments like cucumber, salmon, sesame seeds and pickles.


7. Chikalicious

A churro for an ice cream cone? Bloody revolutionary. This NY dessert club comes complete with flavours like Matcha, Choco Raspberry and the Jheri Curl, which has a cone covered in sea salt caramel. Salivation mode is definitely on.


8. Billy Angel

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We all know that crepe cakes have taken trendy cafés by storm, but this spot in Seoul has one-upped all of them! Rainbows are the new black (yes, we’re making that a phrase) and this rainbow crepe cake looks like it belongs in a version of our lives where we’re living in castles and wearing diamond crowns.


9. B&A Pork Store

London’s cheese game is pretty damn strong but this Brooklyn gourmet market has got us looking at direct flights to the Big Apple. Meet the Mozzarella Carrozza, the ultimate grilled cheese with fried mozzarella and crispy fried bread. Definitely one for a cheat day.


10. Piccolo Me

“What the hell is a Crospresso?”, we hear you ask. Well, it’s a Nutella filled croissant which doubles up as the cup for your espresso. Amazing. The only problem is they’re in coffee shops around Sydney in Australia, so maybe see you down under?


11. The Avocado Show

This avocado haven in Amsterdam is giving us extreme insta envy… with all dishes focused on the great green fruit, think burgers where the bun is replaced with avocado halves and even daily special avocado smoothies.


12. Cafe Gram

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If only our Sunday morning pancakes could look like these… Cafe Gram in Tokyo are serving up plates of these cloudlike pancakes and they look phenomenal, we must say. London, get on it.

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