3 Refreshing Whisky Cocktails That Are Perfect For Summer

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Whisky cocktails

Whisky is for life, not just for Christmas, and we’ve got the summer cocktails to prove it.

With the impending arrival of the wonderful House of Whisky, we’ve got Scotch on the brain. There’s still time to pick up your invite to this exclusive eventwhich is the perfect way for novices and veterans alike to discover more about this versatile spirit. In fact, to prove just how versatile whisky can be, the House of Whisky would like to introduce you to three fantastic whisky cocktails. These refreshing concoctions are perfect for summer, and we’ve even included the recipes for you to try them at home. Have a read, and then get mixing!

1. Talisker Skye Rider

Whisky cocktails

Delicious, and with a cool name to boot. The Talisker Skye Rider is as wild and beautiful as the Isle of Skye, and celebrates Talisker’s heritage of being made by the sea. The peppy ginger beer and fresh lime are more bracing than a sea breeze, and the bold flavours of Talisker shine through. To make it, fill a highball glass with ice, and squeeze a lime over the top. Add 50ml of Talisker 10 Year Old Single Malt, top it up with 150ml of ginger beer or ale, and then garnish with a wedge of lime – or, if you’re feeling extra fancy, candied ginger.

All this talk of sea breeze has us yearning for the water. Enjoy a Talisker Skye Rider by the riverside, preferably watching a gorgeous sunset.

2. Singleton & Tonic

Whisky cocktails

Move over, gin & tonic, there’s a new kid on the block. The Singleton & Tonic is a simple yet classy summer cocktail, perfectly set off by the Singleton of Dufftown single malt. An effervescent combination of whisky and tonic, the addition of orange will bring out the vanilla and honey notes of this rich whisky. Whip this one up by filling a highball with ice cubes, and pouring 35ml of Singleton over the top. Finish it with 140ml of tonic, and a slice of orange, and you have yourself a smooth sipping drink.

A cocktail of poise and class, the Singleton & Tonic is best enjoyed with views over the city, before you head out into the night.

3. Johnnie & Ginger Red Berry Twist

Whisky cocktails

Berry nice indeed. You’ve never had Johnnie Walker like this before, as the fresh raspberries perfectly complement the dark fruit notes of the whisky to create a gorgeous summer cocktail. To create it, add six raspberries to a highball glass, and mix ‘em up a bit to release the flavour. Fill the glass with ice, add a 50ml splash of Johnnie Walker Black Label, and top it up with ginger ale. Give it a stir, garnish with a mint sprig, and then kick back and enjoy.

Zesty berries and a bright burst of mint? The Johnnie & Ginger Red Berry Twist is best served outside, preferably at a classy summer picnic.

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