Now’s Your Chance To Redesign Part Of Brixton

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Lambeth Council want a hot new look for the Brixton Road railway bridge.

Most of us have idly dreamt of leaving our own indelible mark on the city, and being remembered for generations as the creator of an iconic London landmark. But although you might not get a shot at building your own personal Shard, Lambeth Council have giving you a chance to show off your creative side.

As part of the Brixton Design Trail, they’ve launched a competition, inviting members of the public to reimagine the Brixton Road railway bridge with a fresh new look. Entries are asked to reflect the “positive spirit of Brixton”, with a “nod to the future”.

Given that the current ‘B OUR GUEST’ artwork is thirty years old, and the bridge itself has been standing for over a hundred years, an update is a little overdue. And if the eternal glory of seeing your creation looming over Brixton town centre wasn’t enough, there is also a £10,000 fixed commission to sweeten the deal.  Submissions are due by November 24, and the winning design will be installed by Spring 2018.

So why not break out the crayons, paints, and whatever else takes your fancy, and sketch yourself into the London history books?

Find out more on their website.

Alex Landon

Alex Landon

Although Alex spent most of his life in Somerset and Durham, London is (almost) in his name, so he relocated to the capital and fell in love with it. Now going by the moniker 'Secret Landon', you'll find him eating all of London's street food, lost in a bookshop, or shouting at his beloved ice hockey team, the Minnesota Wild.