Mamma Mia! Race Real-Life Mario Karts For One Night Only

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Real Life Mario Kart

Let’s-a go!

Now here’s an event so quirky we simply can’t pass it up. On Saturday, December 2, it’s your chance to race pedal-powered Mario Karts around a track in a Harringay warehouse, and have that night out you never previously knew you wanted.

Costumes, provided, will add to the IRL gaming experience, while organisers promise they’re somehow implementing mushroom speed-boosts and banana skin hazards. (No word on blue shells, though.)

Mario Kart Real Life

And for some reason, Jack Skellington and Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas are also involved. And why not, eh? There’ll also be a bar on site for spectators and participants to enjoy.

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Races take place between 8pm – midnight each day, and it’s £10 to take part. Funds raised go to The Get Shit Done Team, who build shit, fix shit, and otherwise get shit done at refugee camps.

Let’s-a go! ‘Human-Sized Mario Karts Versus Nightmare Before Christmas’ takes place at the ExFed Warehouse, 199 Eade Road, N4 1DN. Nearest station: Manor House. Sat Dec 2, 8pm – 12.30am. Get tickets here.

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