Tokyo’s Favourite Ramen Bar Will Visit London Next Month

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Ramen Nagi

You’re going to see so many noodz at Ramen Nagi.

If nothing else, the triumphant crowning of ramen as 2018’s most fashionable food proves that you definitely need to be slurping down a bowl sometime soon. Happily, you’ll soon be able to do that in one of the world’s favourite ramen spots. From September 6-13th, Ramen Nagi are taking up residence in the St Christopher’s branch of Bone Daddies, serving up hot bowls of love. And appropriately for an in-fashion food, these ramen bowls might be the fanciest ones we’ve yet seen.

Ramen Nagi
Photo: @ramennagiusa

Ramen Nagi, founded in 2006 in the backstreets of Tokyo, quickly gained fans across the city. They found fame with a daring, delicious challenge to create a new ramen every day for one whole year – resulting in 365 mouthwatering variations, and a measure of notoriety. Since then, Ramen Nagi has ballooned into a global chain, with branches across Japan, Asia, and the US. As has recently been the case with world leaders in dumpling divination and fried chickenry, they’ve now turned their eyes towards the UK – albeit for one week only.

Ramen Nagi
Photo: @17x_eh

They’re taking this pop-up very seriously, too. Ramen Nagi are sending over their dream team of chefs to whip up the ramen, so you can be sure it’ll be authentic. The pop-up gives you the chance to feast on the chain’s colourful bowls, a brightly coloured lot, as you can guess from their names. The Red King, flavoured with chilli and cayenne pepper, arrives in a burst of vermilion, whilst The Green King takes basil and olive oil for a more subtle taste. Most intriguing is The Black King, a jet-black soup flavoured with black garlic and squid ink. Colourful, and bursting with flavour: we reckon you’ll be eating oodles of noodles when Ramen Nagi turns up.

Find Ramen Nagi at Bone Daddies, 

Featured image: @zippyzipeng

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