So, The Weather Is Going To Be Shocking This Weekend

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Hope you like rain, London.

Cards on the table, we all made jokes about last weekend’s heatwave being the UK’s allotted three days of summer. Well, it seems those jokes are coming back to haunt us. We’re back to reality with a bump this weekend, as the weather soothsayers have decreed that it’s going to rain and rain and rain this weekend. In fact, things are supposed to get so dire that a yellow weather warning is in place for London on Sunday and Monday. FUN!

[Met Office]
It’s set to pour all weekend, ruining your plans and generally making life a little shittier. By late Sunday, it’s expected to reach torrential status, and should reach peak wetness by Monday morning. The Met Office is forecasting 25-40mm of rain, with the worst estimates reaching 50-70mm. Nice weather for ducks, but the rest of us will be stuck in doors watching Netflix/playing Monopoly/trying to find a last-minute sunny city break.

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With the rain comes the usual suspects – a chance of delays and cancellations on transport networks, and the vague threat that your flat might flood. Fannnntastic. Still, the rain can’t last forever, and mercifully, the forecast for the early May bank holiday weekend is looking sunny and warm. All we have to do is hunker down and survive this weekend first. Drip drip drop little massive April showers…

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