19 Reasons Why Everyone Loves It When It Rains In London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

19 Reasons Why Everyone Loves It When It Rains In London

Guess what? It’s raining. After months of actually-kind-of-alright weather, London is doing what it does best. Don’t pretend you don’t love it really. It gives you something else to complain about after all.


1. It gives you something new to talk about in the office

“God it’s awful weather.” “Lovely weather for ducks!” “Classic British summer!” – the options are endless!


2. It’s just about the only time that taking photos of Piccadilly Circus is acceptable

[The Telegraph]
Look at those reflections.


3. In fact, a photo of a puddle always goes down well

369 likes in the bag.


4. And it’s the only time that being in the office doesn’t feel like prison

You could even go as far as saying it’s almost…cosy?


5. Snogging is better in the rain

Mainly because it will make you feel like you’re in the movies.


6. You’ve actually got no excuses not to go to a gallery now

And you’ve got to admit – we have some pretty great ones.


8. Or a really good one to eat cake

Summer is over. You need some extra layers.


9. Because you couldn’t have a rainbow without rain

Don’t pretend you don’t get excited.


10. And you certainly couldn’t have a double one

Mind. Blown.


11. It makes a cup of tea inside taste even better than it normally does

(Maybe not when it’s got a small cat in it though).


12. And it makes you feel pretty smug about never getting round to booking those festival tickets

Good luck Boomtown.


13. You can look out the window and pretend you’re in a music video

Just me?


14. And any thought you have will immediately feel more sentimental

So deep.


15. Three words: Mac and Cheese.

The Mac Factory: aiding comfort eating across the capital.


16. Because pigeons look like this in the rain

Who would have known?

17. And let’s be honest, you didn’t want to go out tonight anyway…

You’re not fooling anyone mate.


18. Because of umbrellas.

And that Singin’ In The Rain effect.


19. And because you know what?

It wouldn’t be London without it.


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