You Can Get Quality Street Cocktails In London This Weekend

Quality Street

Quality Street now come in liquid form.

If your Yuletide is anything like mine, you’ll spend most of Christmas Day and Boxing Day going from the chocolates to the alcohol and back again. Well, there’s now a way to combine the two, as a festive pop-up cocktail bar will hit London this week, and they’ll be serving cocktails inspired by that seasonal favourite: a big ol’ tin of Quality Street.

Quality Street
The best one, no contest. Photo: @qualitystreetuki

Bar Humbug is setting up on New Oxford Street this week, for two nights only. On Friday, December 7th and Saturday, December 8th, you’ll be able to head down for a cocktail based on either The Purple One, The Green One, or the Orange Crunch – all mixed up in a cocktail masterclass given by cocktail pros Sweet & Chilli. Aside from being boozy and nostalgic, it’s a sure way to stir up debate amongst your pals as to which chocolate is best (it’s The Green One, don’t even @ me).Quality Street

Though I wish I could tell you it’s just a fun holiday experience, it’s actually a PR stunt set up by Sainsbury’s to help flog their holiday wares. Still, if any PR types happen upon this article for market research, please note that as PR stunts go, using alcohol and chocolate is never a bad idea. Now, time to get my hands on a sippable Green One…

Find it at 63–69 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1DG, from December 7th & 8th. Tickets to the masterclass can be found here.

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