This Is Probably The Creepiest Thing We’ve Seen On London’s Underground

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

This Is Probably The Creepiest Thing We’ve Seen On London’s Underground

We’re sure you’ve come across a lot of strange things on the Underground in your time… from parrots and pufferfish, to pole dancers (literally making use of the pole) and DJ’s fully kitted out with turntables on their laps (not all at the same time though, we hope). Today you might have bumped into these creepy looking twins.

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Before you go to bed tonight and get stuck into a terrifying child-fuelled nightmare (if Stranger Things hasn’t already made its mark, that is), you can be safe in the knowledge that this odd duo are wandering around London in the lead up to the release of Tim Burton’s new movie, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. They’re not going to kill you, curse you or follow you home. Well, that’s we’re being told…

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The peculiar Twins have been parading their teddy bear everywhere around town, from Buckingham Palace to Finsbury Park Tube station. They’ve even been to Hamley’s (which must have been particularly frightening to the children inside, although it might have drawn their attention away from pleading with their parents for the latest Marvel toy).

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Beneath the mummified costumes (which were used in the actual film), were two cheeky little six year olds who I’m sure they had lots of fun giving everyone the creeps. Kids are weird like that. Although I’d take extreme pleasure in freaking my fellow commuters out too… The movie is due to be released at the end of September (so this week!).

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