A Princess Diana Exhibit Is Being Revealed Today At Buckingham Palace

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To mark the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana‘s death, there will be a personal exhibition showcasing many of her items and treasured possessions.

So we reported that Buckingham Palace is opening back up for summer but as a special addition to their ‘Royal Gifts’ program, there will also be A Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.

And obviously, it’s all set in the beautiful location of Buckingham Palace …

This is not to be mistaken for a memorial but rather, a personal exhibition that both Prince Harry and Prince William wanted to put on in aid of their mother. Kensington Palace is already home to Diana: Her Fashion Story but the new exhibition at Buckingham Palace promises to be much more intimate.

The items on show have been selected personally by her sons and are pieces they associate with their mother. The main focus is on Princess Diana’s writing desk where she undertook her royal duties and has been adorned with personal photos. You can expect to find other significant items such as mixtapes, some of her personal letters and even the last official photograph of her. Of course, no photography will be allowed so no secret Instagrams of this one, guys.

Feature Image: Flickr.

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