Are Prince William And The Family Moving Back To London?

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It looks like we might be able to call our favourite royals our neighbours again soon, as it seems the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have put Prince George’s name down for a prestigious pre-prep school in Notting Hill, the same one that William and Harry attended as boys. Wetherby School, also attended by the Beckham boys, costs £6,500 a term — suddenly making our relatively less extortionate uni fees seem slightly less sickening.

[Flickr | Tony Hisgett]
If this is true, they’d need to make the big move from Amner Hall in Norfolk, where George currently attends nursery school, to Kensington Palace in London. Making the palace their main home will also mean that Wills and Kate will carry out more royal duties and engagements. Guess we’ll be seeing more of our favourite British family!


Feature Image: Flickr/tsaiproject

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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