A Prince-Themed Cookbook Is Here To Inspire Your Next Bake

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Purple Rain Cake Prince Cookbook

Whip up a Purple Rain cake – or a Little Red Velvette  – with this new cookbook, inspired by Prince himself.

As our world slouches unsexily toward two full years of Princelessness, south-east London bakery genius Cat Food is paying tribute to the Purple One with a Prince-inspired cookbook: Little Red Velvette.

Prince Cream

Along with the eponymous velvette cakes:

Little Red Velvette Cupcakes

You can learn how to create a ‘Purple Rain’ ombre cake:

Purple Rain cake Prince book

‘The Most Beautiful Swirl In The World’ cupcakes:

Most Beautiful Swirl in the World

And this Cookies and ‘Cream’ showstopper:

Cookies and Cream

There are twenty recipes in all, including Raspberry Beret tarts, Darling Stikki toffee puddings, and even New Power Gin-eration liquid concoctions. They’re sure to tempt almost anyone…

Prince Menu Cream

And remember, the are no soggy bottoms in Prince’s baking tent: they’re only ever Soft and Wet.

‘Little Red Velvette: The Unauthorized Prince Inspired Cook Book’ is just £9, released in March 2018, but available to pre-order now from London’s very own bellykids.com.

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