London’s Favourite Cinema Is Hosting A Series Of Epic Sing Alongs

Sing alongs

Belt out tunes from The Greatest Showman, The Little Mermaid, and Moana at these superb sing alongs.

You might remember the Prince Charles Cinema from their wildly popular Disney pyjama party. Well, the Leicester Square legends are back, and this time they’re asking you to lend them a hand. Or rather, a voice. The cinema is laying on a series of epic sing alongs featuring your favourite films, and you’re invited to join the chorus.

Sing alongs

These aren’t your bog standard sing alongs, however. The Prince Charles Cinema goes all out for these events, with an on-stage host leading the festivities. Said host will lead a round of vocal warm-ups and games, to get you in the mood for the sing along. You’ve got to give it your all, and that extends to the costumes too. No half-assing it here, as the cinema gives out prizes for the best fancy dress during their high-energy costume parades. Oh, and one more thing: quite unlike the Footloose town, dancing is very much encouraged. Anyway, now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s on to the films.

Perhaps the buzziest arrival at the Prince Charles Cinema is The Greatest Showman sing along. Roll up, roll up, and be prepared to warble along with Hugh Jackman and co! Given the hype around this one (and the fact that the soundtrack has reigned supreme over the UK charts for weeks now), you’ll need to act quick to pick up your tickets. It’s damn near unmissable, as you can see from the first time the Prince Charles hosted a Greatest Showman sing along:

Another much-loved recent release gets the sing along treatment, as screenings of Moana will please the punters. Want to know How Far I’ll Go for a sing along? Along the Piccadilly to Leicester Square, that’s how far. For those who prefer their Disney a little more classic, The Little Mermaid sing along will satisfy your singing urge. Because as we all know, life is simply better Under The Sea.

Sing alongs

Continuing the classic theme is the Prince Charles Cinema’s range of ‘Sing-A-Long-A’s’. Helpfully, you’ve definitely sung along to this lot at home (don’t pretend you haven’t…). The likes of Grease, Dirty Dancing, The Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show will keep the cinema rocking all summer long. With a little help from you, and a goodie-bag full of interactive props, of course.

Sing alongs

Pretty ace, isn’t it? But that’s not the end of the roster, as the Prince Charles ain’t done yet. Budding Barden Bellas should make a beeline for summer screenings of Pitch Perfect; billed as an Aca Along, this one comes complete with a pre-show, and prizes for the best dressed group. For the ultimate throwback, their showing of Spice World will give you what you want (what you really REALLY want). Unlike the others, this is a sing, dance, and quote-along, making it perfect for Spice Girls superfans. Or, you know, anyone who just really misses the 90s.

Sing alongs

Get working on those do-re-mi‘s, because you’ll be singing loud and proud when these kick off at the Prince Charles Cinema. Your only problem now is choosing which one to attend. Might I suggest all of them?

Book your tickets through The Prince Charles Cinema website.

Featured image: IMDB

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