Potterheads, Rejoice! A Giant Wizarding Feast Is Coming To London

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

Potterheads, Rejoice! A Giant Wizarding Feast Is Coming To London

Somebody spiked the pumpkin juice… and it tastes bloody brilliant! For one night only, The Wizard Inn is opening shop at The Old Stoke Newington Church in East London to serve up magic by the galleon… get it?

On Friday 24th March from 7:30 – 10:30pm you can enter a real life version of The Great Hall from the enchanting School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, of both muggle and wizarding notoriety. For £45 (that’s 9 galleons, 17 knuts to you and me) you can enjoy an evening of smoking cauldrons of BOTTOMLESS cocktails, finger foods and live entertainment (that’s right, BUTTER-beer pong with a Quidditch take on the rules). There’ll be a cold buffet to rival Mrs Weasley’s home cooking, entertainment that would put the Weird Sisters to shame and unlimited drinks that might even be too much for poor Winky the house-elf…

Forget Universal Studios, the Harry Potter Hotel or a trip to the Cursed Child via Platform 9 3/4… here you can actually drink like a ruddy wizard! So raise your golden goblet to Dumbledore’s Army which shall forever reign strong in London! Whether a witch, wizard, squib or salamander, all are welcome and all worries shall be Flitwicked away at this very special wizards’ Inn. Book your tickets now via our sister app Fever.

Da daaa da da daaa da daaaaa da, da daaa da da daaa da da…


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