This Is Possibly The Most Horrifically Awesome Christmas Advert We’ve Seen

Harry Hassall Harry Hassall

This Is Possibly The Most Horrifically Awesome Christmas Advert We’ve Seen

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re swiftly approaching Christmas. The temperature’s dropping, London’s gone all sparkly on us, its electricity bill is flying and Christmas ads are on repeat every 5 minutes (and have been since early November…) Yes, we may have all gushed/cried for no reason at the John Lewis ad, but there’s only so many times we can watch a cackle of bouncing foxes and a jealous dog. So, this trailer brings a much-welcomed and refreshingly gruesome detox.

This Dead Rising 4 trailer inspires the kind of festive spirit that only a Die Hard marathon can provide. It sees the protagonist Frank West back in action, dismembering zombies with various instruments of death to the tune of ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ in a surprisingly festive rampage. Now that’s a Christmas tale we’re pricking our ears up for.

In the latest instalment of the storied franchise, Dead Rising has forgone the traditional Christmas fittings of elves and stockings in favour of a mindless horde of zombies. The game sees the original ‘good guy’, Frank West, return to the town of Willamette, Colorado to once again do battle with the hordes of the undead in the town’s mall during the holiday season. He brings with him an arsenal of “combo weapons”, from a candy-cane crossbow to a flame-throwing dinosaur head, in order to spread ‘warmth’ during the festive period.

On Monday 5th December, Xbox teamed up with McCann London for ‘The Dead Rising Christmas Lights’. These lights, which were hanging above the shopping plaza of the Brunswick Centre, formed the first-ever game trailer you could actually walk through. Rather than telling a twinkly, romantic (and frankly overdone) Christmas story, they represented a rather gruesome, zombie flesh-filled tale.

The Dead Rising Christmas Lights trailer went live as part of a ‘lights on’ event at the Brunswick Centre, however, instead of getting in a predictable (yet ever-questionable) celebrity, the lights were activated by Xbox users, who were following the Facebook live-stream covering the event. Together they dropped a zombified hand onto the red button switching on the lights and releasing the trailer to the world. Move over Buster.

For those who were unable to catch the event live, check out this 360-degree video footage. The virtual experience gives you an immersive view of the illuminated lights.

We all know a gruesome Londoner who’d love nothing more than to spend Christmas day battering zombies. Thankfully Dead Rising 4 is now available to buy here – only on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. One present down. You’re welcome.

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