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Popcorn Hot Dogs Have Arrived In London And It’s A Cinema Snack Like No Other

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


Popcorn hot dog buns are coming to London for National Hot Dog Day and we have to say, they look rather impressive. Downright bonkers, but impressive all the same.

It’s that age old dilemma before you go into your screen of what overpriced cinema treat you’ll get yourself. Do you opt for cinema sweet popcorn or salty? Pick ‘n’ mix or a bag of Maltesers? Nachos with that weird cheese sauce or a hot dog? Well, Londoners, now all your problems have been solved.

RoofTop Film Club

Rooftop Film Club have created the marvellous (we think…) creation of the Wooftop Pop ‘N’ Dog that promises to be a cinema treat like no other.

Forget your stodgy old hot dog roll because this one replaces it with a tomato sauce and mustard flavoured popcorn bun. We’ve not heard of such flavours in a bag of popcorn before but hey, there’s always a first for everything – especially in London.

RoofTop Film Club

And as if that wasn’t enough, the hot dog sausage itself will be covered in maple bacon, cheese and mustard… because who’s dieting at the cinema anyway, right?

The Pop ‘N’ Dog is available for £10 from Rockadollar at The Bussey Bar (133 Rye Lane, near Peckham Rye station, SE15 4ST) from July 19th for a limited time only.