An Edible Orgasm! Your Last Chance To Have An Adventure In Wonderland…

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And just when we were starting to think that we had seen it all… We tumbled down a rabbit hole in Central London.

In a unique take on Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ – and to celebrate the remarkable tale’s 150th anniversary – LIBRARY has teamed up with Edible Stories to host a four course immersive culinary adventure. Plunge down through the darkness into a fairytale world of magic and mystery and indulge in “a mad tea party” like you’ve never experienced before. With a bespoke menu created by culinary genius Chloe Morris, each course corresponds to a specific mood setting in the restaurant. By breaking Alice’s Adventure down into its sensory elements and transforming them into something edible, Morris hopes to instil the magic of the story into each diner. In other words, it’s the closest you’ll ever get to an edible orgasm.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from the 9th July until the 8th August, Alice’s Wonderland allows non-members the opportunity to enter through the doors of the exclusive club on St Martin’s Lane and continue the night in one of the club’s renowned bars… Tickets to the event have been selling out quickly as the secret has spread throughout the month. Exclusive non-members tickets can be purchased if you download the Fever app; they’re £65 each – and for a night that promises to be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before, we think they’re kind of worth it. Oh, and you better hurry up. It’s the last weekend this event will run, so get your tickets for Friday night or Saturday night before they’ve sold out.

Try a taste of the magic. Secret London believes in fairytales now.

112 St Martin’s Lane 




Tabby Powell-Tuck

Tabby Powell-Tuck

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