Those ‘Please Offer Me A Seat’ Badges Are Really Working, Which is Nice

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Those ‘Please Offer Me A Seat’ Badges Are Really Working, Which is Nice

In April this year, Transport for London started issuing ‘Please Offer Me A Seat’ badges and cards.

Designed to be worn on public transport in London, they’re a low-key way for people with hidden disabilities to make it known that they could really do with a sit-down. (Photo: @kim0006)

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Eight months in, it’s been revealed that over 26,000 badges have been given out, and even more importantly, they’re proving to be very helpful. According to TfL, 78% of badge-holders find it easier to get a seat with their badge, and 95% of them would recommend the scheme to a friend.

James McNaught, who had previously developed a ‘cancer on board’ badge and later took part in the TfL trial, said: ‘Many Londoners have got the message about hidden disabilities, and since the badge was launched I have regularly been offered a seat on my daily commute. This makes such a difference, especially in the evenings, as my energy levels can fall very low later on in the day. Having the badge means that I can concentrate fully on my job, rather than worrying about my journey home.’

So do keep an eye out for fellow passengers rocking a badge and offer your seat if you can. If you’re affected by a hidden disabiilty and would like a badge of your own, you can get a free one here.

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