The Pizza Burger Has Come To London And We Need It In Our Bellies Now

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Burger dons Patty & Bun and pizza legends Yard Sale have teamed up to create a pizza-burger mash up like never before.

I give you: the pizza burger.


It’s called the pizza burger and yes, it’s just as beautiful as it sounds/looks. Who do you know who doesn’t like either pizzas or burgers? Nobody, that’s who. Apart from that one mate – who’s probably called something like Rain – who’s been raised gluten-free, zero-sugar and raw-vegan and doesn’t understand why people enjoy eating such unhealthy food. Well, it’s safe to say that Rain probably won’t enjoy this one, but we think you will.

From 23rd August to 19th September if you visit any of the Patty & Buns or Yard Sale locations across the capital you’ll be able to sample the pizza burger – an ingredient swap between these two fast food giants like you’ve never seen before.


There’s the Holy Pepperoni pizza burger: a juicy P&B burger patty, topped with two types of pepperoni, spicy sausage and mozzarella,  on top of Yard Sale’s signature tomato base. There’s even a bit of basil and a little rocket thrown in to catch those oozing juices. All for just a tenner.


And the Smokey Robinson pizza: comprised of crumbled beef patty, caramelised onions, bacon and smokey P&B mayo with mozzarella cheese on a Yard Sale tomato base. This one costs £11 for a 12″ or £19.50 for an 18″ base.

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