Pimm’s Are Selling Ice Lollies This Summer And We Just Can’t Get Enough

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Pimms Popsicles

It’s no news that the British summertime = Pimm’s O’Clock.

And now, bringing us a whole new way of enjoying our favourite summer drink, Pimm’s have entered the alcoholic lolly trend with their very own ice popsicles (because apparently that’s a word that Brits use now). In a power-collaboration with ice pop legends, POPS, Pimm’s have created a frozen blend of Pimm’s No.1, lemonade, cucumber, strawberries and mint. So now, instead of sipping of the stuff, you can just grab a lolly out of the freezer. Plus there’s none of that fruit-chopping faff – just straight up, deliciously frozen Pimm’s.


Pimm’s popsicles are proper fancy, proper British, and frankly revolutionary.

In order to create these lovely frozen tipples, Pimm’s teamed up with POPS, the irrefutable leaders in the ‘grown up’ popsicle game. The Pimm’s ice pop joins an epic lineup of alcoholic and non-alocholic pops, including the very first Champagne popsicle.

Pimms POPS London

Find them at these lovely pubs across London:

You can also find them in Bluebird Chelsea, Rooftop Cinema Club, Neverland (Fulham Beach Club), Dalloway Terrace and various West End theatres.

Can’t be bothered to move? Just order them straight to your sofa from Ocado.

Oh and they’re 4.3% ABV so please, er, lick responsibly. 



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