Time To Escape! 7 Exotic Spots For Your London Staycation

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Time To Escape! 7 Exotic Spots For Your London Staycation

Not lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere nice? Or maybe you just know there’s no place like home… For whatever reason, it looks like you’re gonna be spending a lot of time in this nation’s fine capital this summer but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some classic holiday moments. In fact, our cultural melting pot of a city is surely an ideal place for your vacations, no?


1. London’s bitchin’ beaches.

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For a landlocked city London has a surprising number of beaches on offer. Our pick of the bunch has to be Brixton’s Beach Boulevard. Missed out of your American holiday? Don’t waste time moping…  For 14 fabulous weekends visit this 1980s Miami inspired pop-up neon beach town with nonstop day to night parties, surprise DJ sets, pop-up street food vendors and summery cocktails costing around £7 this place brings all the fun of the beach to the heart of the city.

Pope’s Rd, Brixton, London SW9 8JH


2. Tooting Bec ‘Beckoning’ Lido.

Missing that outdoor pool in the South of France? Even better – Tooting Bec’s lido, located in south London, is the UK’s biggest outdoor swimming pool and with the brightly coloured beach themed changing huts, clear blue water and ample space to sun-bathe you’ll soon forget you’re in the city at all but instead be transported to a sunny villa in St Tropez – if of course you close your eyes and avoid the kiddies pool.

Tooting Bec Rd, London SW16 1RU


3. Ridley Road’s Tropical Market Bar.

A place ticket to the Caribbean is about £1000. A trip to Dalston however will cost you less than a fiver on your Oyster (from most parts of London that is) – and we know which one is more appealing to us! This exotic, tropical paradise with it’s shabby-chic decor, fresh mangoes and coconuts on the bar, palm tree leaves and £3 Jamaican Red Stripes will have you feeling like an Islander in no time. Their famous £5 ginger mojitos taste even sweeter knowing you didn’t fly 10 hours to try one!

49 Ridley Rd, London E8


4. Little Venice is V nice.

We’ll admit we’re trying too hard with that caption… Anyway, if you’re pizzed off about not getting any pizza in Italy this summer it’s time to distract yourself with this Italian-esque beauty right in the heart of London. This picturesque little pocket of canals directly north of Paddington is known by Londoners as ‘Little Venice’ and is a popular stop for tourists – for good reason! Stroll along the waterside cafes and restaurants as the romantic music of an accordion plays (in your head). That’s amore!

Paddington, City of Westminster 


5. Notting Hill Colourful Carnival.

Missing the fun of the Rio de Janeiro carnival season? Thankfully we have Notting Hill. Whether you love or hate Europe’s biggest street party, Notting Hill Carnival is a spectacle of the city’s vibrant multicultural past and present. Celebrating the Caribbean community of the capital with a glorious chaos of live music, steel bands, floats and a lot of delicious street food this is one lively party you don’t wanna go abroad for!

Notting Hill, and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


6. F*ck the Louvre… Bank yourself some Banksy.

Time to soak in some culture on your Staycation… Street artists are the Renaissance painters of our time (said someone probably) so naturally Banksy is our Leonardo. Due to the sporadic nature of his work – naturally making it more edgy – it can sometimes be quite hard to track down Banksy’s art however this nifty website, as well as this walking tour, will help you find some of his masterpieces for your pretentious #alternative #banksy instagram.


7. Check out China Town.

Can’t be arsed for the humidity of Hong Kong? Not feeling a trip to Zhuhai? You don’t have to! Located just behind Leicester Square you’ll be spoilt for authentic Chinese food choices at this central London Asian suburb. With too many fantastic restaurants for us to recommend just one, instead we suggest you take a stroll down the main strip and chose for yourself any of the tasty spots… top tip: the busier the place the better it usually is!



Feature Image: [Maju Sivarajah & Facebook Page]

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