Kew Gardens‘ Stunning Orchid Festival Returns This Weekend

Kew’s Orchid Festival is lean, green, with every colour you’ve ever seen.

Although London’s festival season is a while off, Kew Gardens are stepping in early with a festival of their own. Prettier than Field Day, more fragrant than Lovebox, the Orchid Festival will bring colour and charm to Kew. OK, so Kew is pretty charming and colourful already, but it’s set to get even more so.  I mean, just look at how pretty they are!

Photo: @minxtaspangle

As in previous years, the 2018 Orchid Festival takes inspiration from overseas. Previous themes include Brazil and India, and this year it’s Thailand getting the Kew Gardens treatment. Orchids will launch a dramatic takeover of the Princess of Wales Conservatory, filling pots, arches, and even rickshaws. Perfect for anyone hoping to relive their gap yah, although sadly Kew won’t be throwing any full-moon ragers (we think).

[Kew Gardens]
The Thai theme will extend to ornate lanterns, paper umbrellas, and even a palace of flowers. The festival has also been soundtracked with the sounds of Thailand; Kew say you’ll hear “tranquil temples [and] lively forests”. On weekends, it steps up a gear, as visitors can watch traditional music performances, sample pad thai and red curry from street food vendors, or browse in the gift shop, which has also had a Thai takeover.

[Kew Gardens]
Kew’s popular After Hours programme has also been extended to the Orchid Festival. You’re plum out of luck with that one, though; tickets have already completely sold out. Luckily, a delicious alternative is available: The Botanical restaurant will host Kew’s Thai afternoon tea. For the thoroughly decent price of £27.50, you can nibble on the flavours of Thailand, including a caramelised pineapple and coconut cake with lemongrass syrup. Seems like the Orchid Festival is a feast for all the senses.

The Orchid Festival runs from Saturday 10th February until Sunday 11th March. Kew Gardens can be found in Richmond, TW9 3AB, and the nearest station is Kew Gardens.

Featured image: Kew Gardens