An Open Letter To All Londoners Who Aren’t Really Sure How To Tackle 2017

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An Open Letter To All Londoners Who Aren’t Really Sure How To Tackle 2017
Dear London,

Welcome to the big 2-0-1-7.

Let this be the year that you shine. Whether 2017 is your first, third, thirteenth or thirtieth year in London, it is always a good idea to set some time aside to appreciate where you are and what you are capable of. Just remember that it’s okay to feel lost and overwhelmed — because, to let you in on a secret, most of us do.

Firstly, banish the word SHOULD.

“I should have done that differently”

“I should go to bed earlier” 

Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Even if you did do everything that you should do or should have done, life will almost never turn out the way you expect it to. London is unpredictable (and we don’t just mean the weather). So forgive and forget, love and let go. “Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” is absolutely no use to you now.

That said, you are more than capable of taking charge of your life. If you hate your job, leave it. If you want to see the world, go. Even if you just want to see more of London, get up and walk out the door. There’s probably tons of it you haven’t seen or things you haven’t done. Write a list, and start ticking things off. (Here’s one we made earlier). 

Let London shroud you with optimism in 2017. After all, it’s a big city with so much potential. Do inspiring things, meet inspiring people, and be the inspiration. Admire the culture, the architecture, the green spaces (yes, we have them), the restaurants, and the buzz. And forgive it for all that it’s not: warm, dry, quiet, uncongested, a pleasure at rush hour…

Eat cake, drink wine, skip the gym. It’s even okay to do them all at the same time, just as long as you’re not doing them all the time.

Look to 2017 with excitement, not doubt or unease. Accept that there will be crap times – and even crappier times. C’est la vie. Without these hiccups, how would we learn?

So let this be the year that you show London what you’re made of. (That’s steel, by the way).

Over and out x


Feature Image: Flickr/jo.sau

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