Ooh La La! Secret Cinema Opened Last Week And It Was A Moulin Rouge Mastery

Above all things, do you believe in love? If so, you will love to take on the mantra of the village of Montmartre from Moulin Rouge at the Secret Cinema’s latest immersive cinematic experience. It opened on Valentine’s Day and it looks fabulous…

secret cinema
[© Secret Cinema / Laura Little]
Whether you see yourself as a penniless sitar player or a penniless writer, one of Harold Zidlar’s Diamond dogs (no judgement from us) or an unconscious Argentinian (slight judgement), you can join the Secret Cinema in a hidden locale in East London and become one of those much-loved bohemian revolutionaries. All in the name of freedom, beauty, truth and love… and a new type of cinematic and theatrical production.

secret cinema
[© Secret Cinema / Joseph Conway]
What better inspiration for an immersive cinema experience than a film which in itself provides so many multiple roles, the whore and the lover, the play within a film…this is the Romeo and Juliet of revolutionary Paris in 1899. And it’s now in East London.

secret cinema
[© Secret Cinema / Laura Little]
Running until 30th April, the Secret Cinema will ultimately see up to 80,000 participants dance and sing their way through moonlit streets, as the boundaries between performer and audience are re-written. You can develop pre-written character backgrounds as well as watch exciting secret artists performing on selected nights. It’s going to be bloody brilliant, basically.

secret cinema
[© Secret Cinema / Laura Little]
You can also sign up to the mysterious Society Of Love, where the highly engaged community interact with each other even before their arrival at Montmartre. With prices beginning at just £49, this night of a forbidden and past world can come alive for less than London’s gin bus. Pop on your red light for the night and join the creatures of the underworld for an unmatchable experience. Get your tickets here (but do it fast)!


Feature Image: © Secret Cinema / Laura Little

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