A Series Of Magical Underground Performances Are Coming To London Bridge

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A Series Of Magical Underground Performances Are Coming To London Bridge

Lose yourself in the dulcet tones of jazz, blues and rock ‘n’ roll at a series of immersive musical performances this autumn.

Underground music gigs are a thing of our youth, right? Up there with questionable fashion choices and the ability to party past 11pm on a work night and still function the next day? Wrong! Underground music just got a grand glow up, courtesy of One Night Records: Snake Oil, a series of immersive performances under the arches of London Bridge’s railway tunnels. This free-roaming event will all you to curate your own evening of music and tickets are available now.

One Night Records

Opening on Thursday, September 23, you’ll be transported to six mystical worlds of live music, where the setting perfectly matches the tunes you hear. Expect the languid luxury of a sultry, smoky jazz club under one arch, and the bright neons and bass-filled guitar strums of rock ‘n’ roll under another. After all, what’s more ‘bluesier’ than a lone performer with a resonator guitar at a dusty Missouri juke joint? Alongside the theatrical staging of expertly designed rooms and soulful singing of the finest musical talent, there will be themed food and drink, fuelling you to sing and dance the night away.

One Night Records

One Night Records launched to critical acclaim in October 2020 and returns this year even bigger and better than before and, if you book before October 11 on Fever, you can benefit from 25% off. So, get lost in the music of this vibrant live music time machine between 7pm and 11pm, Thursdays–Saturdays until December 11 – tickets are available here.

One Night Records: Snake Oil

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