London’s One-Hour ‘Hopper’ Bus Fare Will Go Unlimited This Month

Georgie Hoole Georgie Hoole - EXECUTIVE EDITOR

London’s One-Hour ‘Hopper’ Bus Fare Will Go Unlimited This Month

Sadiq Khan has announced that the one-hour ‘hopper’ bus fare, which was introduced back in 2016, will go unlimited this month.

The special one-hour fare currently only allows two bus or tram journeys for £1.50. But, starting at the end of January, you’ll be able to make as many bus or tram journeys as you like within one hour, and it will still only cost you £1.50. It’ll even be valid if you take the tube or train in between your tram or bus journeys. To us, it just sounds like an elaborate challenge to see as much of London as possible in 60 minutes.

This great news comes alongside some miserable news for commuters travelling from further afield as rail fares have increased by an average of 3.4 per cent across the country. Boo! But, let’s not forget, we are safe from TfL price hikes until at least 2020 – major props to Sadiq, yet again.

In other news, somebody’s created a tube map to show you where all the best paid jobs are, because sh*t like that is useful.

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