Here’s 9 Things You Need To Know About London’s Magic Roundabout

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Old Street Magic Roundabout

This roundabout in Old Street is actually a one-stop hub for all things food, music and downright trendy. And did we mention that it’s perfectly hidden?

These are the things you need to know about Old Street’s Magic Roundabout.

1. The location

It’s right in the middle of Old Street Roundabout, making it a lot more pleasant to drink in than cycle around.

2. Bangin’ burgers

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Nothing beats a juicy burger and one of London’s finest is housed in this magical venue. Burger Bear serves up all different varieties coming with cheese, double-stacked, with Holy F*ck sauce, and vegan spicy bean version.

Check out their menu here.

3. Some seriously good Caribbean chicken

Tuck into some lip smackingly good chicken at White Men Can’t Jerk, where they’re serving up bold flavour combinations and even poaching their wings in Red Stripe. Or opt for a heartier meal like the Curried Mutton Shepherd’s Pie or the Tobago Casserole. Just expect to get something as you smell that good ole charcoal grill aroma because hey, what’s self control?

Check out their sample menu here.

4. Gourmet potato skins

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Loaded potato skins aren’t just a thing from a dodgy tex-mex restaurant as Loaded Skins proves in their pretty gourmet venture. Perfect alongside the Magic Roundabout’s selection of drinks, expect everything from smoked sausage, mac & cheese and candied beet to sit happily in your potato skin.

Check out their menu here.

5. All the booze

From craft beers to cocktails, the beverage selection at the Magic Roundabout is what makes it the perfect after-work spot. With lots of quirky seating areas to sit and sip away, you can slowly make your way through the IPA selections and Hoxton Gin on offer.

6. And all the beats

With a line-up of DJ’s from some of London’s best nightclubs, there’s always bound to be a beat to get you tapping your feet on any evening. Ranging in genres from disco to house, the music is upbeat and fun to reflect the same vibes at this fabulous venue.

7. So. Many. Events.

An ever-changing calendar of events that includes big rooftop all day-ers, dance workouts and cookout parties, this roundabout certainly has you partygoers covered. Whether you’re looking for a quiet boogie or a 24 hour rave, this list of events is bound to put some kind of spring in your step.

All upcoming events can be found here.

8. A seriously cool party space and perfect for those #summer Instagram shots

It’s in a cool place and looks even bloody cooler.

Situate your drinks perfectly and watch some serious insta-envy come your way.

9. And of course, it’s secret!

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The Magic Roundabout can only be accessed via a secret staircase in Old Street station. And you know how much we love a secret here at Secret London …

You can find the Magic Roundabout at Old Street Roundabout, London EC1Y 1BE.

Old Street station-goers are in for a treat as London’s first cookie dough pop-up has finally opened.

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