Now You Can Eat A Roast Dinner In A Yorkshire Pudding Burrito

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Yes, we know it’s summer, but roast dinners are welcome whatever the weather – and now you can eat one al fresco

Yorkshire Burrito have found a way to make it work for all seasons: in portable, wrap form. It’s made, purchased and consumed outside, so you won’t have to miss out on the summer sunshine to satisfy your cravings.

Finally, somebody has filled the gaping hole in our hearts (and stomachs) with a roast dinner that works for summer. There’s something slightly uncanny about tucking into a full Sunday roast inside a badly lit boozer in 26°  heat. When it comes to the practicalities, we have to admit that roast dinners just aren’t made for summer.

Well, roast-deprived Londoners rejoice, because street food legends Yorkshire Burrito have come up with a novel way to have your roast and eat it too, without suffering from sunny day FOMO.

They’re serving up a choice of beef, chicken, or veggie (featuring cauliflower cheese) roast dinners all wrapped up in a giant Yorkshire pudding that you can enjoy outside and on the go.

The perfect roast dinner fix? Or a blasphemous assault on the hallowed Sunday lunch ritual we Brits have come to know and love?

You can find Yorkshire Burrito at Rupert Street Market in Soho, Wednesday to Saturday lunchtimes and you can find out more information on their website.

Feature Image: Mark Weeks

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