This Notoriously Meaty London Restaurant Is Getting A Vegan Makeover

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Unfortunately, spaces for the upcoming pop-ups are now fully booked. But fill in the form on their website to find out about future Dirty Vegan dates

Dirty Bones is renowned for its dirty, err, bones. Or, to put it in tastier terms, its proper messy chicken wings and ribs.

To put it another way entirely, it’s about one of the least vegan-friendly places in London. It’s all about New York-style comfort food and, generally, meat. But here’s the twist that will come as absolutely no surprise since you’ve already read the title and that totally gives it away: Dirty Bones is turning vegan!

Don’t worry! You can calm your meaty little brains! This isn’t a permanent change. It’s just a series of pop-ups on a couple of Mondays in March. So if you’d rather scoff a flat iron steak than its meat-free counterfeit, try to avoid booking a table on the 5th or 12th March.

Dirty Bones’ Dirty Vegan pop-up will imitate their classic menu, with just a few meat and dairy free substitutions. Swap chicken and waffles for cauliflower and buckwheat waffles, mac and cheese for a cashew and almond alternative, or their signature buffalo wings for vegan wings with an almond yoghurt-based ranch sauce. All the drinks will of course be vegan, too – with a huge list of wines, beers and cocktails, including a Dirty Viña Colada.

Find Dirty Vegan at Dirty Bones, 1 Club Row, Shoreditch, E1 6JX. Book a table on their website.

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

Georgie is Deputy Editor at Secret London. She loves a trendy café and is all too familiar with the extortionate price of a coffee in the capital. She enjoys the finer things in life (like red wine on a school night and eating Ben and Jerry's straight from the tub) and hasn't quite grasped the concept of adulthood yet.