(Not Quite) Fifty Shades Of London Grey…

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

(Not Quite) Fifty Shades Of London Grey…

We apologise if you can never look at the Gherkin in the same way after this.


1. “I know they’re not famed for their size, but there’s a considerable length on all of them,” I told an impressed Abigail.

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2. I stood there, eagerly waiting for 3 minutes, thinking of another gap I wouldn’t mind.

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3. “What lies behind this door”, the voice overhead announced, “is a mixture of pleasure and pain. But mostly pain.” I shuddered.

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4. I wanted to dive right in, but I didn’t know what I’d catch…

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5. “Take me on a ride. Right here. Right now.” I told him.


6. My inner goddess was desperate to get out from behind the fence and take all of you in.

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7. Now I know why they call you Big. And it’s not just after your bell.


8. I bit my lip when I saw those sexy, irresistible curves.

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9. I’ll be here, waiting for you to open up for me. 

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10. Baby, you’re always so wet.

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11. I smirked. “The things we can do,” I said, “When I have you all to myself…”


12. “Sometimes, when I’m riding you, I think it’s never going to end.”

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13. “I can make a sinner out of a Saint”, I purred to Paul.


14. “Be careful,” Abigail warned, “I’ve heard that all of London’s birds have had a splash around in that…”

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15. I resisted the urge to thrust us both onto the seat – there was a pregnant woman present. 


16. “I have a taste for the old and young. It’s a good job I get both.”

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17. They said he was the biggest. Oh boy, they didn’t lie.


18. … Just the tip. It’s all anyone can take (a picture of).

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19. And then, he finally showed me his…



I think that’s quite enough. If we got to 50, you’d never be able to get on the Jubilee line again.

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