London’s Annual ‘No Trousers Tube Ride’ Is Back This Sunday

Get your pins out for the ‘gram as part of this quirky annual tradition.

Those amongst you who aren’t afraid to bare all – rejoice! The annual No Trousers On The Underground Day is returning this weekend for the 9th year running. Peachy! (Photo: @broganinlondon)

Back in 2002, the group Improv Everywhere kickstarted the movement in New York, with the inaugural ‘No Pants on the Subway’ day. It’s now gone truly global, and so on Sunday, January 7 at 3pm, hundreds of Londoners are expected to strip off and take part in this year’s jeans-less jaunt. It may be a little nippy, but hey, the breeze will do those cheeks a world of good. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge that this tradition will be taking place in other (probably warmer) cities all over the world.

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NB: It’s called the No PANTS ride… in America. Please remember to keep your pants (UK) firmly around your tooshie. Unless you’re feeling really adventur-arse.

Daring to bare? Join the Facebook event here.