It’s Not Too Early! 5 London Rooftop Bars For A Glorious Spring Weekend

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It’s Not Too Early! 5 London Rooftop Bars For A Glorious Spring Weekend

We can feel you coming, Summer! In the brief moments when the clouds clear and the sun warms our faces, we can imagine the buzzing atmosphere on top of London’s rooftop bars and almost taste the fruity Pimm’s on our lips. But who needs to imagine? Here are a few scenic, elevated bars already open for you to enjoy this weekend.


1. Vista at The Trafalgar


If you’re after breathtaking panoramic views of some of London’s most famous landmarks, we can’t think of a better bar than Vista. You won’t need to stretch your neck up to see the top of Nelson’s Column. Instead, you can look at Admiral with ease, glass of Prosecco in hand. We’ve discovered a cracking lunchtime deal on Fever you can get a meal and a beer for only £9.99! Download the app here.



2. Kensington Roof Gardens


Kensington Roof Gardens is possibly the most glorious tropical oasis London has to offer (six floors above the ground). Up here, you can feast your eyes upon the whole of West London. You may also spot a couple of pink feathery friends – the pond is home to four flamingos! The roof gardens are free to visit and open to the public, but if you fancy something a little fancier then you can dine in Babylon.

W8 5SA


3. The Boundary

[The Times]
 Open all year round, the Boundary’s rooftop offers an elevated haven above the streets of East London. They have an orangery, which grows a variety of Citrus trees including Lemon, Clementine and Calamondin. In the warm Spring sunshine, you can rest your head back, take in the aromas and pretend you’re in the Orchards of Spain.

 E2 7DD


4. Radio Rooftop


Sitting above the Strand, Radio Bar is all you’d expect from a contemporary, swanky rooftop bar. It’s relatively formal, so if you take the trip up make sure you dress accordingly. This place is ideal if you’re after a light tapas snack and an expertly concocted cocktail (although neither come cheap). They also serve brunch every Saturday and Sunday.



5. Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof, South Bank Centre

[Southbank Centre]
The Queen Elizabeth Hall Rooftop are back in business after re-opening last Friday (25th March). Grab a pint or a glass of Pimm’s, find a bench (or a spot on the lawn) and chill out overlooking the Thames. This is a great laid back, open space for lazy London afternoons.



There are plenty of rooftops in London that are due to open nearer to Summer. We’ll keep you sun-seekers well-informed.

Featured Image: Vista at The Trafalgar

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