This ‘Nightmare Before Halloween’ Is This Year’s Most Glamorously Gothic Party

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons


What’s this? Why, it’s London’s very own Nightmare Before Halloween Party – and it promises to be lit.

On one mysterious night – October 27, that is – a portal opens between this world, and the next.


This excellent event promises to crack open the door to the uncanny and macabre just that little bit wider.


Taking over an all-new venue in Camden on October 27, the Nightmare Before Halloween aims to celebrate the gothic and glamorous with festivities worthy of Tim Burton himself. (Tickets on sale now.)

And yes, there’ll be plenty of cocktails…


Welcomed with a glass of something dark, red and rummy, known only as Beatles’ Juice, guests can also try plenty of cursed prosecco cocktails, whoooo-jitos and spine-chilling espresso martinis. Meanwhile:

Fire breathers will be breathing fire!

Contortionists will contort!

And believe your eyes, for even chocolate strawberries will SCREAM:

Screaming strawberries

Truly, a canapé to chill the soul – although pizza and hot dogs will be on hand, too.

Glitter and face paint will abound, ready to transform even the most flair-resistant partygoer into something sparkly or spooky. (We’ve got some costume ideas here, if you like.)

And on the dancefloor, DJ Tasty Lopez will be providing the tunes until 2am. Guaranteed Monster Mash free.

Beetlejuice Makeup Halloween
Photo: @ashkmakeup

It’s the can’t-miss, must-try, sinister-yet-seductive party of the season. See you there!

Early bird tickets have already sold out – so snap up your Nightmare Before Halloween tickets here.

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