The New York Times Asked Londoners About Crime, And We Responded In The Sassiest Way Possible

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

New York Times

Proving once again that Twitter is not a place for serious answers…

You’d have thought the New York Times would have learned their lesson by now, wouldn’t you? Barely four months after an infamous food column which insinuated that Londoners ate “porridge and boiled mutton”, they’re back on a mission to prove they know very little about our city. It started with a simple question:

Now, there are two ways to take this. You can either read it as valid concern over an uptick in crime, partially based on the author’s own experience with petty burglary. Or, you can take it as a dig at London, and throw shade in response. Knowing how gladly the average Londoner suffers fools, how do you think Twitter responded?

Sarcastically, obviously.

Grievous social faux pas were recounted.

Hear hear!

It’s enough to make one furious.

Horror stories from the Tube made an appearance, too.

Just scandalous.

Goodness, however did you survive?

This is the worst one yet, TBH.

The only appropriate response to such roguishness.

Bloody place has gone to the dogs, hasn’t it?

At least some people took justice into their own hands:

Any reasonable person would demand jail time for this heinous act.

This one really should be illegal.

Goodness gracious, the youth of today are awful.

Even Larry the Cat got in on the sass.

Some of these crimes prove that London really is a dark place.

Although truly, there’s only one crime that actually took place during this thread.

Stay witty, London.

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