Is This The New Flag For An Independent London?

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Is This The New Flag For An Independent London?

Oh Brexit. Still talking about it, still not over it.

As you know, London voted solidly to stay in the European Union back in June, but it wasn’t quite enough to sway the overall vote. On the back of this result, Londoners have kicked up a fuss and posed the idea that the city should become independent from the rest of the country. In fact, over 170,000 people signed a petition for London to leave the UK and remain part of Europe. (Sure, build a wall around us to show that we disagree with the vote against unity. That makes sense.)

Of course this is all very extreme and not likely to actually happen. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to think about what would happen if we were to become an independent city state. Aside from the destructive affect it would have on the country, the important question is — what would our new flag look like?

UK street artist Dotmaster spent some time thinking about this and came up with a brand new design. When asked about the flag, he said: “You can’t mess with the red, white and blue, so I thought I’d put a couple of central lines crossing the map, a sky line and of course… Big Ben.” Regardless of where you stand on the issue, you have to admit that the design is pretty cool.

Feature image: BBC iPlayer

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