The New Emojis: Why We Need Them In Our London Lives

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We’re sure you’ve seen the new emojis that are due to be released in the coming year. Whether you’re fluent in emoji or just throw in the occasional Spanish dancer to add a bit of sass to your text, you’re bound to have some fun with these latest additions to the keyboard…


The Avocado:


? All hail the avocado, the hottest vegetable (or is it a fruit?) to hit brunch since grilled tomatoes. Now when we take pictures of our weekend avo-toast and poached egg, we can litter our Instagram captions with these little green super-food warriors.



Face-Palm Girl


Our favourite girl is back with even more attitude. ? This emoji is sure to come in handy whenever London fails us, most likely in relation to replacement bus services. Or the godforsaken day when a pigeon poops on your face. ?





The Shrug


Or, for fellow Londoners, the ‘oops, where did all my money go?’ shrug. ‘Did I really just spend £10 on a falafel wrap at lunch?’. ‘Maybe I should just get an Uber?’





The Selfie


Love them or hate them, the selfie has woven itself into the fabric of our social media infected lives – so it was only time that they made it into an emoji. With the arrival of this emoji, the act of selfie taking may prove unnecessary. We need not reply to snapchats after a long day. Instead we can simply emoji it. The thought is still there.





Fingers crossed


No, it’s not the Lotto sign. This is the emoji you’ll use every morning on the way to work, praying that the tubes won’t have any major delays; hoping that the 24 hour tube service will actually happen or wishing that your boss will be forgiving and let you work from home when the next strike hits underground…





The emoji for when your ‘I’ll be with you in 10 minutes’ really means that you’re just leaving your flat in Clapham… and the friends that you’re meeting are waiting for you to begin your monthly free-cheese-scoff at Borough Market.




The Drooler


The face you make when you read yet another cake, tapas or food related post on Secret London… And with that, here are some of London’s sensational sandwiches to get your mouth watering…




The Hanky-Blower


Necessary for any Londoner during the cold snotty winters, the sniffly hay-fever summers and in battle against the constant germs and bugs that, unfortunately, are rife on public transport. Lovely.





Male Sassy Dancer


Our sassy Latin dancer has finally found herself a partner and together they form an ultra snazzy twosome that could take over the London dance-club scene and, perhaps, the world.



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