New Elizabeth Line Trains Will Be 200 Metres Long With Air Con And Free Wi-Fi

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The brand new Elizabeth line is swanky, it’s new, it’s purple and it’s on its way to you.

And it’s in the form of a fleet of 66 brand new 200 metre long vessels with the capacity to carry up to 1,500 passengers.

You may be wondering just how long is 200 metres in layman’s terms? Well it’s enough to pass through two station’s platforms at one time.

Think you’re gonna be late to work in the morning? Well run through this carriage-less train and you may just be able to get out at the next station if you’re quick enough. We don’t recommend doing this but there’s nothing like a little morning jog, right?

Your average train is 108 metres long but these new Elizabeth line trains will come in at a whopping 205 metres, which is almost double the size. The new trains will also be completely able to walk through, come with air conditioning (finally someone answered our prayers) and wait for it … they’re going to have free Wi-Fi on the trains and platforms with 4G services available too. Hallelujah.

tfl image - crossrail train interior bay seats_214476
One of the first new trains were released last month between Liverpool Street and Shenfield and from now to September, 11 new trains will run in passenger service, replacing half of the existing trains within the line.

The estimated completion time is December 2019 when all 66 new trains will be running on the Elizabeth line. Not too long to wait everyone!

For more information, visit the Crossrail and TfL websites.

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