NASA’s ‘New Concorde’ Could Take Passengers From London To New York In Just 3 Hours

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In a project worth a massive £290m (so far), NASA are developing a supersonic plane that could take us from London to New York in just THREE hours.

Tests have begun on the new supersonic jet, known as QueSST (Quiet Supersonic Transport), that will travel twice as fast as a regular commercial jet. Though dubbed the ‘new Concorde’, the jet will be much quieter than the original model, so noise pollution won’t be a problem. It’s also set to soar way above the regular cruising altitude of 30,000ft, reaching heights of around 55,000ft.

If everything goes to plan, NASA and Lockheed Martin reckon test flights could start as early as 2021. So, rather than the usual 7 to 8 hour flight time, we could soon be whizzing over to the Big Apple in just 180 minutes…


Photo credit: NASA/Lockheed Martin

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