Nay Way! A Police Horse Was Spotted Getting Onto A London Bus

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Nay Way! A Police Horse Was Spotted Getting Onto A London Bus

You often get a wonderfully varied group of people thrown together on a London bus, but it’s not often you’ll be joined by a fellow passenger you’d be happy to ride (in public, at least). Earlier this week, a police horse was spotted stepping onto a double-decker bus in Islington.

Simon Crowcroft, whose Twitter account has since received a flurry of attention, snapped up these wonderful pictures of the horse making its way onto the bus.

As much as we love the idea of a police horse using a red bus to get from A to B, (and wondered if they too, were verified Oyster card owners), the Met Police quickly explained the reason why the horse, named Invictor, was hoof-ing his way on board.

This instance does, however, bring up a couple of issues regarding horses and travel. For one, it seems that there are some transportation services across the UK that reject those with four hooves… 

Come to London, little horse, where everyone is welcome (with a valid Oyster card).

Feature image credit: Simon Crowcroft

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