The Natural History Museum’s Blue Whale Replacement For Dippy The Dinosaur Is Coming Soon

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The Natural History Museum is replacing Dippy the Diplodocus with the real skeleton of an 83 foot  blue whale.

Hintze Hall in the Natural History Museum has been the place that many of us Londoners get the most nostalgic about. It’s been the backdrop to many a school trip and summer’s day out, but it’s always been the giant dinosaur that’s kept us coming back. (Find more brilliant museums in London.)

Hintze Hall developments 2017 Whale delivery
[Natural History Museum]
Well say bye to Dippy (that was the dinosaur’s name by the way) as there’s a new beast on the block. Named as the largest animal on Earth, the blue whale weighs a whopping 4.5 tonnes and will take position in the hall from as soon as summer this year.

[Natural History Museum]
Dippy was installed more than 120 years ago and part of dismantling all his 292 pieces means that Hintze hall is currently closed to the public.

In an effort to get the first parts of the blue whale into the hall, conservators had to remove all doors in the museum to fit the 25-metre wide skull into place. That’s one big ole head …

[Natural History Museum]
Hintze hall reopens on July 14th and we’re sure you’ll have a whale of a time seeing the new fixture and 10 new display bays along the length of the hall.

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