Naples’ Most Famous Pizzeria (As Seen In ‘Eat Pray Love’) Is Coming To London

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The Naples pizzeria that made all of our mouths water when reading or watching Elizabeth Gilbert’s travel memoirs, Eat Pray Love, is soon to be opening a branch in North London. L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele will find its new home on 125 Church Street in Stoke Newington in the coming months. This family run restaurant, which has been in the same location in Italy for over 80 years, will be bringing a slice of traditionally baked doughy goodness to our fair city. Much like their Italian branch, they’ll only serve up margherita and marinara pizzas, with two additional specials on rotation.

If this has got your carb tummy growling and you’re desperate to sink your teeth into a slice of hot, cheesy, tomato-y deliciousness right now, then take a slice out of the other fantastic pizza selection London already has to offer. 

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