Missing The States? 4 Lip-Smacking London Diners For An Americana Food Fix

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

Missing The States? 4 Lip-Smacking London Diners For An Americana Food Fix

There aren’t masses of things that the states do better than us Brits (a bold statement) but this sure is one of them *spits into tin can*. Ever since the demise of the road-side Little Chef, Britain has been missing the presence of diner food in a big way. UNTIL NOW. Granted there are degrees of cheese (basically don’t go to a jukebox special if you’re not after a Happy Days singalong) but the food in these places will certainly spur you into a Land Of The Free mode.


1. Boneyard, Pump Shoreditch.

This place is, to quote a certain Snoop, fo shizzle the bizzle. As soon as you swagger into this Western style bar the magic starts. From the oh-so-edgy scrubbed wooden decor to the dim ‘Let Me Take A Selfie’ lighting, Boneyard is a night out you’re guaranteed to remember. Located in Pump, which houses many other awesome food stalls, the local crowd is on the right side of Shoreditch if you catch my drift…


The fried chicken is deliciously crispy, the tater-tots exquisitely gourmet (believe it) and the fact that it’s in an old petrol station, I mean, how much more diner can you get? Definitely try their sticky pork ribs (the meat falls off the bone in such a way you’d think tiny invisible samurais were slicing it off into your gaping gob).


168 Shoreditch High St,

 E1 6HU


2. The Diner, various locations.

If you’re not the biggest fan of searching about on Google Maps like some sort of demented old Sat Nav then we think you should go for The Diner. Since there are 8 locations situated all across London, we’re sure you’ll know of at least one and these guys do every diner food under the sun. Their sharing combos are pretty impressive and while they may not be for the faint hearted, if you’re having the kind of day where a round of waffle fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings & coleslaw sounds like it will hit the ‘my God I need carbs’ spot, then ride on sista!

Locations in Spitalfields, Camden, Shoreditch, Dalston, Gloucester Road, Islington, Soho and Covent Garden.


3. Lucky 7, Paddington.

If you’re one of those superstitious types who likes to play it safe and only dine in restaurants featuring their favourite number (seek help dude) then Lucky 7 is for you. This teeny weeny diner definitely holds some pretty big competition in its kitchen, as the food here is fan-fried-tastic. We’d recommend the blueberry buttermilk pancakes, so it’s worth heading down for a American-inspired ‘power breakfast’. Because what’s more powerful than pancakes?

Lucky 7
127 Westbourne Park Road
W2 5QL


4. Fatboys Diner, Trinity Buoy Wharf.

[Richard Allen]
The location on Trinity Buoy Wharf is incredible. The restaurant itself is an old school converted trailer. And the food? *makes clapping noise with hands like a seal*. From the old school 1940’s decor to the counter-style dining, this place is 100% Grease certified (that’s the movie not the financially unstable country – learn to spell). Go for the bottomless filter coffee and Lumberjack breakfast for a rootin tootin time. No but seriously, watch out for those baked beans.

Trinity Buoy Wharf

64 Orchard Place

E14 0JY


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