This Pop-Up Restaurant Is Serving Mini Burgers And They’re Even Cuter Than You Can Imagine

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Burgers are great but mini burgers that come in boxes of 12 with milkshakes and fries? Even bloody better.

London’s about to get a whole lot of bitesize fun as Bite Me Burger Co. will be coming to London on June 5th.

[Bite Me Burger Co.]
These burgers may be small in size, but they’re certainly big in taste. Expect flavours like the Duck Me, which features a duck patty, smoked hoisin, Swiss cheese and some fancy truffle mayo. Or the Pluck Me burger sounds just as delicious, with buttermilk fried chicken, yuzu mayo, shredded lettuce and pickles.

[Bite Me Burger Co.]
You can choose to get your mini-burgers in boxes of 2, 3, 4 or 12 — and make sure you pick up some Himalayan pink salt dusted fries and an Oreo milkshake to match. With 9 burger options and a hot dog on offer, who knew a burger pick ‘n’ mix was such a thing?

[Bite Me Burger Co.]
Bite Me Burger Co. are opening their new pop-up in Holborn on June 5th and will be offering a soft-launch offer of 50% off until their official opening on June 8th.

You’ll find Bite Me Burger Co. at 36-38 Kingsway, Holborn City Of London WC2B 6EY


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