The Milk And Cookies Bar Is Returning To Selfridges For Good

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Prepare to reach new levels of excitement as Blondies Kitchen have announced a permanent spot in Selfridges Food Hall.

When we reported that Blondies Kitchen were opening up a pop-up milk and cookies bar in Selfridges, we went choc chip crazy. But now life is about to get a whole lot sweeter as the baking duo are setting up shop. And we mean a permanent one so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

This new permanent venture will see the baking duo serve up all their usual baked goods, including vegan and gluten-free options made with peanut butter and oats or dark chocolate and banana.

But it’s the cookie pizza that seems to have caught our eye. It was always going to, let’s face it and being a whopping 12-inches of pure cookie dough delight, this is definitely one to be shared. Or maybe consumed with vigour after a particularly stressful week?

The pizza in question will be piped with as much peanut butter and Nutella that one could possibly want, as well as served in a classic pizza box and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Summer body season is officially over anyway, right?

The Blondies Kitchen concession will open up on September 15th and can be found in Selfridges Food Hall, 400 Oxford St, Marylebone, near Bond Street station, W1A 1AB.

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Morgan Cormack

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