McDonalds Now Do Delivery In London – To These Lucky Areas

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McDonalds Delivery London

From the Golden Arches to your hungover face, McDonalds now deliver in London.

Quaint local eatery McDonalds have partnered with loveable start-up Uber to deliver their food right here in London.

But wait! The service is currently available at just twenty outlets, thereby dividing London into the zones of McRich and McPoor, the Haves (Got Nugz) and the Haves Nots (Got Nugz). This map should give you a hint…

McDonalds Delivery London Map

So it looks like good news for Bow, but bad news for Brixton – though you’ll have to consult the UberEats website to find out if your precise postcode has been blessed with McDelivery. Order your Nugz O’ Shame with the UberEats app.

Alternatively, get your Greggs delivered in the City or drinks delivered to your house!

Guy Parsons

Guy Parsons

Guy is the editor-in-chief of Secret London. He likes running, cover versions and scotch.