Only In Mayfair… A £1000 Pound Shop To Open In London

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Only In Mayfair… A £1000 Pound Shop To Open In London

Apparently there’s a gap in the market in the form of discount shopping within the luxury sector. That sounds like an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one but apparently rich people are also in need of a little bargain from time to time. Bless ‘em. The result of this is The £1000 Pound Shop (they use the pound symbol and the word just to drive the point home).

£1000 Pound Shop

We go to the one pound shop when we want to save a few bronzies and the rich can now go to the thousand pound shop when they want to save a few zeros. If they got confused and landed up in Poundland they could walk out of there with 1000 items. That’s a lot of awkwardly sized shower gels, hair elastics and 6-for-1 pot noodles. Only in Mayfair could a shop like this exist. Created by a team of marketing experts (clearly), this joint is opening its golden-rimmed doors to the elite in August this year. Their concept is very simple: They sell top brands and designer fashion, jewellery and watches and each item will go for no more or no less than one thousand honest British squids.

If you are a really rich person and you somehow stumbled across this lower to middle class blog post while flicking through your diamond encrusted iPad then you’ll need to know this: you have to register to shop here but don’t worry, signing up is totally free. Woohoo! Pound it! If you’re not a really rich person (like the rest of us) you’re probably wondering what happens if you walk into this place for a browse while rocking your best H&M jeans? They’ll spot you a mile away and I can only imagine you’ll get treated like Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive pre-hooker-makeover.

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