Mattress Outside A London Garage Advertised For Rent On Airbnb

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

Mattress Outside A London Garage Advertised For Rent On Airbnb

Ridiculous renting in London as done it again! An entrepreneurial Londoner – who is perhaps a bit tight on space at home – has come up with a novel way of making money…by renting out a mattress outside some garages in Peckham. The ‘bedroom’ comes with a cardboard ‘rug’ to cover the tarmac floor, a lamp, bookcase and bedside table – which even has a vase of flowers on top! Now, that’s not something you get everywhere. However, while it may be well furnished, there are some fairly integral parts of the room missing. Such as walls. And a roof. But then again, you can’t have it all! And for only £8 a night, a little rain can’t hurt, right?

But to our dismay, the ‘room’ appears to have been taken down from the website. It was actually described on the listing as “a private room in a public place” (LOL) but was moved for not meeting “occupancy standards.” Whatever that means. Airbnb has reportedly contacted the advertiser suggesting that next time he “…be sure to pick a place with four walls, running water and a little more privacy.” Very good advice indeed…


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