A Massive Anti-Brexit Rally Will Take Place In Trafalgar Square

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

A Massive Anti-Brexit Rally Will Take Place In Trafalgar Square

It’s safe to say that last week’s Brexit result left London and the entire nation in shock. As the majority of the capital’s citizens voted to remain in the EU, there has been a huge portion of the population very unhappy with the outcome. Of course, it’s not like Londoners to simply sit back and grumble under their breath. There’s been a loud backlash in reaction to the referendum result, with petitions to make London an independent state doing the rounds on the internet. An event organised by the ‘Stand Together’ movement, which is to be held from 5pm on Tuesday 28th June in Trafalgar Square, has also gained a lot of momentum. According to the Facebook event, already over 52,000 people are planning to attend.

However, it is not simply a rally for anti-Brexiters to rial against the Leave voters. The organisers of ‘Stand Together’ ensure that, as opposed to being about the country’s division, it’s a rally to amplify public engagement and positivity:

“It would have been easy for this event to advocate one particular petition or action, but we believe it’s too early for anyone to say what that action should be. Equally, we feel that the genuine Leave vote needs to be respectfully listened to, understood, and engaged with. Division got us into this, and it probably won’t help get us out of it…. This event in Trafalgar Square will be an opportunity to come together, make your feelings heard, begin to build consensus, and hopefully, turn the emotion of the referendum result into positive action.”

If you can’t make it on Tuesday, then there is also a march to parliament on Saturday 2nd July.

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